Founding Principal


Hacker Architecural Group was launched in the late eighties and has been producing articulate and beautiful structures ever since. Our work has largely dealt with residential developments and commercial institutions. Curtis has brought both artistic expression and a keen sensitivity to the needs of our clients. Our designs have an understated dignity based on the material selected. Our firm is noted for its  organization and its expressive use of culture, material and abundant natural light.


Curtis began his professional career as a draftsman in the late seventies and was promoted to Production Manager with a Design & Development Corporation. He received his California Architects license in May of 1993 and is called upon to serve as Commissioner for the Supplemental California Oral Examination regularly.


Philosophy of Design and Service


My philosophy is that good Architecture encompasses many, many things……


• Did you listen to your CLIENTS needs/desires?

• Did you direct “them”, via sound Architectural principles, to where “they” wanted to go?

• Did you make their environment a better place to inhabit & experience?

• Did you treat everyone involved with respect & complete honesty?

• Did you solve your CLIENT’S needs & desires?


If you notice a “THEME” here, it’s about clients. Good Architects, using sound Architectural principles, design spaces for their clients. If an Architect creates a beautiful building that is the envy of all, but fails to listen to, or adhere to, or solve the clients desires…..he or she has failed…..We believe that architectural design is best when it is an honest expression of the clients and institutions it serves, when it interacts gracefully with its environment, and when it has an understated dignity based on carefully crafted construction and the natural beauty of materials.  Our firm utilizes greeen building materials and methods of construction that provide sustainable value whenever feasible.


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